Gutzwiller Fonds Management AG is the institutional fund management arm of the bank. We manage six open-ended funds. They seek long-term capital appreciation.

EG Swiss Equities (CHF)

EG Swiss equities invests in Swiss Equities. It focuses on quality growth businesses listed in Switzerland, with a mid-cap bias.

EG European Equities (EUR)

EG european equities provides long-term capital growth by investing in quality businesses in Europe with visible growth potential.

EG Global Equities (EUR)

EG global equities provides long-term growth of capital by investing in global small/mid-Cap Equities.

Gutzwiller ONE (USD)

Gutzwiller ONE invests in US equities. The objective of the Fund is to provide capital growth for investors while outperforming the S&P 500 index.

Gutzwiller TWO (USD)

Gutzwiller TWO invests in event-driven alternative funds, seeking performance with low volatility.

EG CHF Bond Fund (CHF)

EG CHF Bond Fund invests in bonds denominated in Swiss francs, with a broad diversification over countries, sectors and maturities.

All our funds are audited by Ernst & Young and under the supervision of the FINMA.

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